Leveling up potatoes 

I made another pass at leveling up the potatoes containers.  They are growing very quickly. 

I added straw to expand the container and then filled in with soil.  It’s hard to add the soil without doing some damage to the plants, but at the end of the day, I figure the point is to bury some of the plant (note to self to investigate how it all works). 

Is also hard to know if the soil is well spread out – i would fill up the space through one parting in the foliage, so not sure if the soil got evenly distributed.  So I watered generously afterwards going to even put the distribution of the soil. 

I will be very interested to see if and how much growth I get above the pot line, and to see if I get any potatoes growing in the straw not just the soil. 

Next time around I think I will focus on the tire method, as it is much easier to manage. 


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