$&#&@+ing cats

There are a group of about 5 feral cats in the neighborhood. I have decided that my new beds are the perfect Kitty litter. I have experimented with putting bottles of water in the beds to deter the cats- the idea being that cat’s will not defecate where there is water.

It did not work.

I have read that the cats like the soft compost but not a more prickly mulch. I am going to there for experiment with a straw mulch. This should not be a problem for planting because everything I am planting at this stage is being transplanted from the greenhouse.


Planting to early

In my keeness to get planting, I have planted my early broad beans too early. In Mid January we had a warm spell and so I thought I would benefit by planting out the broad beans that had grown well in the greenhouse.

The last 3 nights have had hard frosts and there’s more to come. I expect to lose most of this crop and so I have sown some more as backup.

Summer solstice update 

It’s the summer solstice tomorrow so I thought I’d do a general update. 

Things are growing well.  The salads have been the most successful with plenty more than we can consume.  The tomatoes are looking to be pretty decent too. 

Both chickens are still alive and laying on average about 1.5 eggs a day.   All 25 fish are going strong and have grown significantly. 

I’m building a new floating raft bed that should be about 3x the size of my existing one so that I can dial up my aquaponics salads and basil.  Once I get that going I’m going to test différent types of salads for a bit of variety. 

I’ve been servicing my compost in preparation for a fall planting of winter crops.  

But it’s not all good news.  It seems my potatoes got sick and I lost 2 out of the three plantings. 

New salads going in this evening.