$&#&@+ing cats

There are a group of about 5 feral cats in the neighborhood. I have decided that my new beds are the perfect Kitty litter. I have experimented with putting bottles of water in the beds to deter the cats- the idea being that cat’s will not defecate where there is water.

It did not work.

I have read that the cats like the soft compost but not a more prickly mulch. I am going to there for experiment with a straw mulch. This should not be a problem for planting because everything I am planting at this stage is being transplanted from the greenhouse.

Slug trap

We’ve recently had challenges with slugs on our salads.  At first I was getting up early, plucking them from our make salads and feeding them to the chickens. 

But now they are eating all the young salads we’re replanting and killing them before they can take.  Literally 100% of the recently planted salads are gone.  So before I plant a fresh batch of juvenile salads I want to try to protect them. 

Hence this slug trap experiment.  Honey water in a tray.  The plan is that this will attract them, and every morning I should be able to harvest them. 

Will see.  If it works, will experiment with something more substantial.