Tomatoes saved

Last week my two largest tomatoe plants snapped under the weight of the recent growth.  Not knowing what to do we cut them and then replanted them in the bed. 

After several droopy days I’m happy to report that they seem to have taken. 

The two photos above show the new growth since the plants were cut.  

The photo below, although hard to make out shows the plants in the back which have retaken.  Last week they were very droopy and it’s now clear they are getting some juice. 

Lastly, we cut some of the side branches that were damaged and put them in jars of water.  The photo below shows the roots that have grown.  Need to figure out what to do with these. 


Last night was a little cooler a d our monster tomatoe plants snapped just above the point where they are tied up. 

It was so very disappointing because they were the biggest success that I had had, and also they were flowering profusely. 

I’m going to see if there’s any chances of rescuing them.