The Microgreens have come along nicely. In 2 weeks they are ready to harvest. Unfortunately, I’m heading out for 3 weeks, so I won’t benefit from harvesting of them. But hope to get some photos from the family. 

Microgreens wider test

I’m taking a fresh pass at Microgreens today, but this time in soil. 

I’m running with chicken peas, alfalfa, sun flower, fenugrec, and wheat.  

All of which I have read are high producing crops.  I’m sprouting them in Grilling trays which cost euro 4 for 5 trays, and I picked up some potting soil for euro 3. 10 for 40L. 

I wasn’t sure how dense to plant them but remember hearing that think is better because they support each other and are less delicate… In hindsight I don’t feel they are planted thick enough. 

Lastly, I stacked them all on top of each other and added an non sowed tray on top to block the light.  I saw the urban farmer stack his this way.  So we’ll see. 

Planning on sowing a tray of each type once a week, to get some momentum going.