Last spring radish harvest

As I mentioned in another post, my spring so wings of radishes was a bit of a failure, as I simply did not plant enough radishes.  

So this time, I’m hoping I planted enough. But I’ll keep planting more as I see the success rate. 

Either Way, below is the last harvest of stragglers and a photo of the new radish bed.  


After over 4 weeks I’ve pulled up our first sowing of radishes.  The flamboyant radishes were the worst, the 18day radishes were fast as promised but fairly small.  The radi rose de pâques (photo below) were the ones that came up best. 

As a result I’m going to focus on these ones for a while and see if I can get something significant growing. 

Comparison between gardens

My raised bed is clearly better producing than my ground level beds.  The tomatoes are going well (despite some unseasonably cold weather) and the salads are going well after a bad start (I forgot to harden them).  
Although the radishes haven’t really gone that well, in particular those on the eastern side closest to the bush.   

Whereas my ground level bed (Spilt in two beds below) don’t seem to be going as strong – with the sole exception being the Dai Choi, which is going well. 

There are probably several reasons for this:

  1. being that the raised bed is a hugel culture bed and was better prepared over linger time, and also received more soil and compost.  Unfortunately there’s not much I can do about this until I replant the whole bed in autumn in preparation for winter crops. 
  2. The second thing however I can, and did address.  I noticed that the ground level bed was much more moist than the raised bed, and also received much less sun due to the olive trees just to the east.  So I took the decision to trim the olive tree in the hope that more sun might help this bed pick up slightly.  

At this stage it is largely anecdotal data that I’m basing my decisions on because I don’t have enough scale to have control groups to compare to.  I believe I need a completely different method of sowing radishes if I’m to reach anything like the scale that I’m targeting. 

Garden overview 

Wanted to provide a little overview of the outdoor experiments that are taking place. 

The raised bed below is a hugel culture experiment.  I laid some rotting wood, then layered in some hay, some leaves,  some compost, some soil, then topped with hay.  

In this raised bed I have planted 3 types of tomatoes, 3 types of radish, and some romaine lettuce. 

The second bed is an in ground bed that I had to get ready in a rush.  I loosened the soil with a pitch fork, but did not turn it.  I then threw on a tarp for 2 weeks to kill the weeds with light deprivation.  I then added some compost and some potting soil. Layered on some hay and started planting. 

In this bed we have radishes, and some lettuces. 

Above, are the potato experiments.  3 containers with a bunch of potato seed spuds.  We just added a new layer of soil, but seems like we’ll have to add more shortly.  Interested to see how high we can go. 

Lastly, we have the chickens.  We tried to build the coop on the cheap, leveraging a second hand bed, some shutters, and a couple of palettes.  In total it cost us about 60 euros for the wire, and some of the longer wood, bolts, and hinges etc.. 

Overall fairly happy with the set up.