Micro greens update

After over 6 weeks of growing Microgreens, sowing 4 trays of four different Microgreens a week I’ve made some learnings. 

  1. I’m planting much more than we can consume.  The idea was to provide me with insurance trays in case something went wrong – which it did, but it’s still too much.   So I’m going to drop plantings to every 2 weeks. 
  2. Also, aligned with the statement above I learned that when I harvested the sunflower and the chickpea, they actually grow back, so you can harvest and Re-harvest the same tray several times. 
  3. Fenugrec is hard to harvest and for that reason I’m dropping it from the rotation.  Sunflower and chickpeas are great to harvest for my fat fingers. 
  4. Sprouting works best with spraying water mornings and evenings and then keeping the trays covered for first 3 to 4 days.  But you must remove covers before mold sets in – mold can be dealt with by removing the covers. 
  5. I really like the trays I was using becuase they had drain holes under them, so I could put them on a metal wire shelf, water on top and it would drain down through all the trays. 
  6. When I had too much I would empty a tray in the chicken coup and the girls would go to town on it. 

Check it out, and albino sprout.  Not actually sure what it is, but it seems to be growing just as well as the others.