Testing Microgreens feed

Decided to test a simple Microgreens sprouting system to raise some sprouts to feed to the fish. 

If it works I’ll investigate scaling. 

These are a mache lettuce,  sowed 28/03, on an organic felt mat, with aquarium water pumped through at a very low rate. 

Egeria Densa

I had read that tilapia were very versatile eaters.  As I was cleaning out the junior aquarium I decided to add some of the aquarium weed (egeria densa) to the tank just to see if it’d grow. 

Several days later.. I realized that the fish had been snacking on it.  This made me feel better because, I was getting concerned that they weren’t eating. 

Fast forward another week and it doesn’t seem like the plant has been eaten much more.  I believe this is because the fish are now more comfortable with their environment, and worth me, and are now eating the pellets I feed them more voraciously. 

Fish arrived

25 Nile tilapia fingerlings arrived from the Uk after a rough 24 hour journey. 

They were all alive, albeit fairly shaken up and stressed.  The water temperature in the bag that they had arrived in had fallen to 22 degrees C – they were used to 25 to 28 degrees C. 

Unfortunately my tank was at 17 degrees C, I therfore rushed out and picked up a bar water heater (35 euros) and added hot water from my taps directly to the tank. 

Once the temperature was 24 degrees C, I felt comfortable adding the fish to their new environment. 

Upon finding themselves in their new environment, they all ran off and hid behind the water pump. 

I didn’t feel confortable with them hanging out there – seeing as they may have been stressed and tired I didn’t want any of them getting sacked up – so I added the stones below to create a safe place for them to congregate.