Tomato jungle

A quick update on the aquaponic tomatoes.  The system is running well.  The salads are running low as I’m in the middle of building some new beds and am behind on sowing new salads.  Fortunately the garden salads are more than compensating. 

The tomatoes though have gone nuts.  I’m really not growing them for high productivity, or I would have trimmed them.  Instead I’m leaving them to grow as bushy as they want. 

There are a good 20 tomatoes fruiting already and plenty more buds – although the bud to tomatoe rate seems much lower than outside. 

I’m enjoying just letting it go to see how big it gets.  Obviously, many lessons learned – chief of which is not to have them up so high. 

After 3 weeks away

After a little under 3 weeks away I’ve come back and the system is going strong.  My guy feel is that it has hit some kind of nitrogen critical mass as everything is growing strong, green, and quickly. 

There are however, several maintenance tasks to perform.

  1. I need to get a new water heater the old one broke and the h20 temp is hovering around 20c and the fish aren’t eating. 
  2. I need to add another floating bed so that I can sow some more seeds and get the system staggered. 
  3. I need to string up the tomatoes. 
  4. Clean out floating raft beds and add a bigger filter module to the system.